ABERDEEN, S.D.— Northern State University is thrilled to announce the opening of the Graduate MSED Studio Research II Art Show, showcasing the exceptional talents of art educators from five different states, including Texas, Florida, and locally from Aberdeen and Huron. The show will feature a diverse array of concepts and themes chosen by the students, reflecting their dedication and creativity.

Event Details:

  • Opening Reception: June 20, 2024
  • Time: 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
  • Location: Gallery X, Johnson Fine Arts Center

The Graduate MSED Studio Research II class consists of 11 students who have dedicated themselves to intensive art practice over the summer. Despite the course lasting a total of five weeks, only two weeks are spent in the studio. During this period, the students work from sunup to sundown in NSU's Spafford art studios, striving to complete their pieces for the upcoming reception.

In addition to their studio work, the students engage in a variety of educational activities, including demonstrations for their peers on various processes, materials, concepts, or techniques, as well as participating in lectures, discussions, and reading and writing assignments. This course is designed to reinvigorate art educators, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a sustainable and professional art practice while teaching.

"The Graduate MSED Studio Research II class provides a unique opportunity for art educators to immerse themselves in their craft, often for the first time since graduating," said Tim Rickett, assistant professor of 3D media and gallery director at NSU's School of Fine Arts. "It allows them to focus solely on their art practice, away from other responsibilities, and renew their passion for teaching their subject matter."

The exhibition will feature works by the following artists:

  • Ace Giannonatti
  • Amber Dallmann
  • Cassie Mraz
  • Chad Nelson
  • Emily Saylor
  • Laura Drietz
  • Mackenzie Lavallee
  • Nikky Dunwoody
  • Roxana Lucio
  • Shay Leichtenberg
  • Stephanie Caron

For more information, please contact Tim Rickett at Tim.Rickett@northern.edu.