Year: Junior

Major: Biology

Hometown: Aberdeen


Matthew Grebner believes Northern State University does a fantastic job preparing students with hands-on learning, research projects, internships and much more.

Matthew has been involved in undergraduate research himself, helping Dr. Jon Mitchell track and document West Nile mosquitoes as part of Northern’s mosquito surveillance project.

As a junior, Matthew took his Dental Admissions Test and completed his requirements to attend dental school next year. He is also part of the Honors Program and has a cumulative 4.0 GPA. 

“Being at NSU for a few years now, I love how NSU is a community-driven university,” he said. "Having a 20-1 student-to-teacher ratio allows the students to have an academic and personal relationship with their professors that you rarely experience anywhere else. As GPA isn’t always the determining factor when applying to graduate school - NSU allows students to craft a spectacular resume in their field that will set them apart.”